Saturday, 18 August 2012

How to: Attach clasps part two

Hi! As promised here is the second part of our How to: Attach clasps series. I wanted to mention here that these are just examples of how to use these findings. There are no set in stone materials and ways to use them (I can see the jewellery making purests screaming at their screens right now!). The way I see it is, if it works, then why not! Anyway, lets get going.

Number 4: Crimps and Callottes

Crimps are incredibly fiddly to use, so be prepared to loose a few because they ping off everywhere! You can buy crimping pliers, something I actually love using, but if your just getting started any pair of pliers with a flat surface will do just fine. An example of another way to use crimps is teahabs morse code bracelet tutorial.

Number 5: Wire Guardians
This is similar to using crimps with callottes but is a better solution if your making something heavy, or that needs to be particularly strong. The wire guardian protects the wire/stringing, and if required you can add extra crimps to give extra security.

Number 6: Wire wrapping.
If you have several strands to put together it can look a bit messy to inividually end each thread, especially if they're all different. One way to combat this is using wire to create your own ending.
You can wrap the wire neatly or if you're like me, in a chaotic fashion. Both ways can look great. It just depends what you like.

Like I said in Part 1, I have not covered every way you can attach clasps. There are plenty more ways that might suit you better or give better results. These are just some of my favourites.


  1. wow duh I can't believe I never thought of using wire to make your own clamp, genius!!!

    Meghan @ The Flight of Fancy

  2. Hello, I get all my supplies from
    I actually work here... Well just until the end of August. So soon!


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