Friday, 17 August 2012

How to Attach Clasps: Part one

Hello everyone!
I've put together what was originally meant as one post about attaching clasps to different stringing material. It's probably one of the questions I get asked most about in the shop, and like a lot of things in jewellery making, it's so easy once someone shows you how!
Just so you know I have in no way created a comprehensive list of the different techniques available, but the 6 techniques I have described are far too much for one post, so I'll post part 2 tomorrow.

Number 1: Using box clasps/cord ends

One example of using this technique is the Plaited Bracelet tutorial. It can be used on pretty much any material, and is especially useful when using thicker stringing like faux suede or leather.

Number 2: Crimp Tube with Loop
This is a fantastic way to quickly and neatly attach a clasp to thinner cords. As with all of the other techniques shown in these two posts, it is entirely up to you which clasp to use with each finding type.

Number 3: Ribbon Ends
I think the best thing about the ribbon ends is that it keeps the ribbon/fabric nice and flat all the way around. It's a super way to keep a necklace/bracelet looking sleek and professional. Another great thing about them is the amount of different sizes available to buy. This is great when your working with fabrics as you're not restricted to making things in particular sizes.

I hope this has been a useful post, and maybe explains some of the techniques I've used before, but haven't really gone into. Come back tomorrow for more of this. Fran xx

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