Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tutorial Tuesday


25cm/10 inches large link chain
1 metre/40 inches small link chain
1 metre/40 inches of three other types of cord
4 x box clasp/cord ends
1 x lobster clasp
2 x jump ring

Attach the three cord strands together using the box closer or cord end (find out more information about using these here). Alternatively wrap with wire (see how to here) and attach the chain to this using a jump ring / Using a safety pin or hook secure the piece to a sturdy surface / Lay out your four strands and number 1 to 4 / Take strand 1 and take it over strand 2 and 3, to lay between strand 3 and 4 / Take strand three (which is now second from the left) and take that over strand 2, to lay to the far left / Next take strand 4 over to lay between 3 and 2 (that are now the first and second strands from the left) / Then take strand 2 (third from the left) over to the furthest right point.

Continue step 2-6 along the whole length on the 4 strands / Secure at the end with a second box clasp or cord end and jump ring / Take a 12 inch section of the larger link chain and weave your braid through the links / Attach box clasps onto the chain links and position in the middle of the braid / squash your box clasp or cord ends over the cord section of the braid / Attach a lobster clasp onto one of you jump rings.

I really love the idea of building this up to create a multistrand, woven multistrand necklace! (if that makes any sense at all!) Maybe I'll do that for the end of week round up.

I've been working on making all my tutorials more beginner friendly. I realise that without written instructions it can be a little difficult to get your head around some of the more technical aspects. Going back and writing all of the tutorials up is pretty daunting, and with my ever increasing work load it is going to take me some time, but I'll make sure to write up all the new ones as I go. If there are of my previous tutorials you think are particularly tricky, or difficult to understand please let me know and I'll get them done first!

I'm working on yet another tutorial for this week based on my plaited bracelet tutorial, but with a little extra ombre added, because, well we all love ombre! That will be up later this week, and tomorrow I'm making bracelets out of some mini knitting... all very exciting stuff! Hope you enjoyed todays post. Fran xx

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  1. lovely DIY idea, thanks for sharing
    this type of jewelry is very pretty and popular


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