Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Weave Week: What to Weave With

Hello. A great place to start when exploring weaving, knotting and braiding is to look at the range of materials to use. Traditionally materials such as cotton cord, embroidery floss, leather thong and faux suede are great places to start, but are not the only options.

In the picture above are shown some of the popular materials to use. These include those mentioned above as well as ribbon, chain, velvet cord, fabric strips, organza, copper and aluminium wire. Even as I write this I am thinking of more and more ideas for elements to use. Thin plastic (recycle plastic bags), paper, felt, tapes, mesh, thin strips of wood are just a few of the ideas running through my mind.
 There are many real wool and polyester blend yarns to choose from.

Embroidery floss is very cheap and comes in thousands of colours.

I'm going to be doing my total best to get through all of these examples of materials, in as many different ways as I can fit into 14 days. I'm working through the book; 200 Braids to Loop, Knot, Weave & Twist. I'll show you all of my results (both the good and the bad), and will also be reviewing the book on the blog next week!

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