Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

  Tool list:  
Fabric strips / Chain / Cotton cord / Large link chain / Bell closer x 4 / 1.5mm elastic strip / Glue

Glue one end of the fabric and cord into a bell closer / Attach the chain to the loop of the bell closer as well as one of the larger chain links / Plait the long piece of chain, fabric strip and cord together / Attach the other end the same way as the beginning / Repeat these steps to create another plait attaching the ends to the same larger chain links as before / Thread the elastic through the larger chain link at each end and hand sew each end measuring to your head size as you go / Perfect for festival or beach wear, or just for those days when you need a little helping hand.

Hello. Just squeezing Tutorial Tuesday in tonight. Apologies for the moody looks in the photos. I put my back out playing tennis (badly) yesterday so today has been a long day, and to make matters worse I was loosing light!
On a different note I've had a lot of emails from other fantastic bloggers recently. It honestly makes my day when I get people asking me to be involved with their blog, or to partner up in some way. I guess it's that mark of approval from your peers that gives you a boost. So I'm very excited about collaborations and guest posts that are coming up soon.

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks Tutorial Tuesday. Fran xx


  1. Where did you find your bell closers?

    1. I get mine from The Birmingham Bead Shop, where I work. They come with a clasp and extension chain on, but I take all that off. They are generally quite popular, so it shouldn't take too long to find them online. hope that helps


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