Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Shrink plastic is perfect for geometric designs. The glossy, manufactured look is perfect for the kind of industrial feel you get with repetitive lineal patterns. I've made three variations of the same necklace using different types of shrink plastic, but I would love to make this in a hundred different ways/colours/effects. You're really only limited by your own imagination!

Follow the link below to access the free PDF to create this design. Make sure the design is set to 100% and that you check the "actual size" box on the print options screen (as shown below).

1. Print out the required pattern. 2. Using masking tape secure the pattern to the shrink plastic. 3. Carefully cut out the design using a ruler (don't cut your fingers off!!). 4. Remove the paper stencil and "cook" in the oven following the instructions on the packets. It usually takes just a few minutes. 5. Whilst cooling flatten the plastic between hard, flat objects (such as wooden blocks) to make sure it stays nice and flat. 6. Attach to a chain using a large jump ring.

Et Voila! Perfect geometric charm for any outfit!


  1. Lovely! Which shrink plastic is the middle one - it looks kind of silvery! And is the clear one glittery??

    1. Hello
      Thank you! I used a silver spray paint on the middle one to create a kind of silver ombre effect. The clear one was a happy accident really. I left it in the oven a little too long and it stuck to the cardboard. When I pealed it off it left a sort of grainy look, but it would be really interesting to experiment with glitters... hmmmm I feel another tutorial coming on!


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