Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Little Extra Ombre Tutorial.

I originally made this tutorial up for this weeks tutorial Tuesday, but I decided to go with the necklace because I thought this one looked a little too similar to the plaited bracelet tutorial so it wasn't like I was giving you guys anything new to look at! I decided to put this up in the end though just because it shows in better detail how to plait into chain, which believe me, takes a bit of practice.

9 metres of cord (3 metres of each colour)
18cm of chain x 3
Bell closer with extension cord and clasp attached

Instructions:Cut each metre of cord into 3 section (giving you 9 pieces in each colour) / Put them all together and glue into the bell closer / Section off one colour and begin to plait into two of the chain pieces / Make sure you keep to the same pattern. I have chosen to go from under the middle, over and into the chain / Continue until the end of the chain, then do the same with the second colour of cord, plaiting into the second and third chains / Once at the end of the chain, take the third colour cord and plait that into only the third chain. trim the cords and glue into the other bell closer / Avoiding the urge to wear, leave the glue to dry ( half an hour max) and your done!


  1. this is awesome! i've recently really wanted to experiment with making my own jewellery but i find it difficult to find the materials :( i love your blog :}

    1. Thank you!!! It can be really difficult to find supplies, so with that in mind we're launching a range of jewellery DIY kits very soon under the name Checkmybox. We're going to be putting together everything you need to make a lot of the things on the blog and a few extras. Maybe you'd find this useful?

      Fran x


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