Friday, 24 August 2012

TWO MINUTE TEAHAB: The Week in Photos

Hello! It's F(r)antastic Friday.... ahem! Anyway, I'm busy writing a book review and round up for tomorrows blog post, and I'm also making headway on the new Checkmybox website. I'm a massive computer nerd. (when I was a kid I desperately wanted a PC instead of a mega drive...)  I love learning how to use different software and programs and so right now I'm in my element. Making jewellery, taking and editing photos and then designing and creating the website. I could do this for a living! erm... hang on... I can't believe we only have one week left at the bead shop. I'm all sad and excited and nervous, but really just looking forward to our new adventure.
So instead of a jewellery post today, here are a few photos from the week. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Back tomorrow! Fran xx

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