Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

1. Cut 4 pieces of wire to the dimensions shown
2. Turn a loop at one end of the longest wire and make a triangle with 5 cm sides.
11 cm wire = triangle with 3 cm side
8 cm wire = triangle with 1.5 cm sides
4 cm wire = triangle with 0.8 cm sides
Make sure the beginning and the end of the wire are positioned on one side of the triangle and not at the corners!
3. Trim the ends and hammer flat. This helps the wire keep its shape.
4. Attach the triangles together with jump rings from largest to smallest.
5. Using the ready made chain, cut 8cm of chain from each side of the clasp and attach these to the bottom ends of the triangles with jump rings.
6. Cut 10cm from the remaining chain and attach both ends of this piece to the top loop.

Your hand harness is ready!

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