Saturday, 5 May 2012

Moving Day(s)

Yesterday was moving day, although nothing was actually moved from my flat, just mostly around Nathan's... We're turning his man flat into our lovely decorated home. BIG TASK! We have to rearrange everything to make way for my stuff, and with both of us being manic hoarders we have a LOT of stuff! It's actually been really fun so far, going through nostalgic memories, telling stories and planning out where things are going to go in the flat
Unfortunately this hasn't given me much time to write a blog post, but I wanted to tell you about this great tutorial from Whipstitch.

Just before finding this tutorial I'd made a zip up kindle case for my sisters birthday. My design was far more basic than this one and so after discovering how easily I could have made one of these instead, (which has a much more sophisticated design than mine) I had to give it a go!

Here's the result:

The instructions are very easy to understand, and I would recommend this project to both beginners and experienced sewers, even if you don't have a kindle, pop a book inside instead - old school!


Thanks for reading.
Fran x

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