Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday Stuffing

Anyone living in the UK right now does not need to be told how shocking the weather has been this past month. Yes we are prepared every year after a brief heat wave in March for the impending cold and rain of April. We hear the news that the bees are affected by plants tricked into blooming early. Here in the UK we are ready for shorts one day, scarf the next, but this year is breaking records. We are set to have the wettest April since records began in 17something or other. In over 200 years this is the worst weather April has seen.

So today me and Nathan braved the extremities (ok, ok, a bit of wind a rain) and walked the 10 minutes into Moseley to visit our friend Lewis who owns a new deli/green grocer, to pick up some lovely free range eggs and other bits for our Sunday dinner. Half way there our quite sturdy umbrella actually loses the fabric part. It was literally blown off the frame, and up the nearest lamppost. We were wet, but at least we were laughing...

Anyway, after getting in and drying off we cooked up some burgers and sweet potato chips.

The perfect comfort food for a night in by the fire.

Thanks for reading.

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