Wednesday, 2 January 2013

January Thrifty DIY

It's here! Brand new year, brand new opportunities and brand new ideas. Flicking through the new pages of my diary I get excited thinking about all the possibilities of the next 365 days. When I think back a year so much has changed. My aspirations and ambitions have completely transformed. I started this blog and its become a huge part of my life. We were nominated for a Cosmo blog award and I got to meet some gorgeous other bloggers. We started Checkmybox, and we're involved in some really interesting projects. I generally have a great feeling about 2013. One of the bad aspects of this time of year is the financial downside to the Christmas and New Years festivities, so the theme for this month is "thrifty". In all the excitement I've skipped the mood board for this month and have gone straight for the first DIY project.


To Make the Earrings:
Using the 0.8mm wire cut a section around 10 cm long / turn a loop in one end with round nose pliers / use a nail file or cup bur to file the other end smooth / Around 5mm from the loop bend the wire around 45 degrees to the left / taking a pen, or jump ring maker wrap the remainder of the wire around until you have something that resembles a classic fish hook earring / Bend the last 5mm at a 30 degree angle away from the earring loop. If the wire is too long, cut and refile to the correct size / Hammer the earring gently to give it more strength.

To Make the Leaves:
Cut a number of 1.5mm wire pieces around 8-10cm long / turn a loop at tone end using round nose pliers / Hammer the other end until flat. It's quite easy to get a nice gradient. Just take your time and don't go too crazy with the hammer! / Attach the leaves to the earrings using jump rings-more information on jump rings here


  1. Great tutorial! I always love simple diy earrings! :)

  2. Love your tutorial! Great DIY and beautiful idea!

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  4. Wow! Love your blog and your ideas. You're so creative!


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