Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cosmo Blog Party Outfit

My whole life revolves around my diary and/or 1 of many note books I constantly carry around. If I need to remember something I have to write it onto a "to do" or "REMEMBER" list, that will usually get scribbled on, torn apart, thrown out and then rewritten. This is me organised, so you can only imagine what happens when I'm unprepared. I forget simple things like... memory cards! So after running around like a crazy person last Thursday morning, me and Hannah went to take some photos of my party piece before I had to head off on the train down to London.... and, well, there was no memory card. So we made do and took the photos on Hannah's phone instead. So our apologies for the quality of these photos... best we could do I'm afraid.


  1. You look cute :D it´s ok sometimes is nice to see a "bad" quality photos, I like it.


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