Monday, 24 September 2012

Workshops and Rainy Days

Hello. We've finally got ourselves organised and have published details of our new workshops! (well there's only one up so far but we plan to have the rest ready for the end of the day...)
So we've been busy making things, taking photos and emptying buckets of water from our leaking roof because it's been pouring all day. Just one of the reasons we aren't holding the workshops in here but in Get a Grip just across the pond from us.

We're dead excited to get back into the workshops as it's been a while since we've been able to do them. We've made a few changes, making the classes smaller and updating our jewellery pieces with the current fashion trends. Unfortunately we are pretty stationary at the moment so you'll need to live in, or travel to Birmingham (UK for our American readers) to attend, but we have big plans to take this show on the road next year!

Anyway, back to reality... We've been getting everything a bit messy in the studio today. Here are a few sneak preview shots of our up coming workshops.

Hope your having a great day. Fran x

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