Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Thinking of Sponsoring Teahab?

Hello! We're putting the call out for sponsors! This is a really exciting time for Teahab. We now have our studio set up and Checkmybox is in full swing. It's a busy time and a lot of our work is focused on keeping up with the latest jewellery trends and experimenting with different materials and styles for our new DIY projects.

We're also really happy with the direction the blog is moving in. Our readership is steadily increasing and we're looking forward to becoming a Cut out + Keep Crafty Superstar! With 140,000 members, a week long feature will bring us tons of new readers and hopefully more collaborations. Next month is also the Cosmo Blog Award party in London, and we have a chance of being featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine!!! argh... god I'm nervous.

This is the perfect time to become a Teahab sponsor, to expand your own exposure and gain more readers. The theme next month will be shrink plastic. If you would like to be our monthly guest DIY blogger on this subject please purchase the "Feature Ad". Contact for more information.
We have lots of new blog posts planned for October. We are re-hauling the theme layout so that each subject one will run through a whole month, and will have various Mood boards, DIY's, Featured Artists, Outfit posts and Beginner techniques, alongside our usual Checkmybox business updates and Weekly photos.

Teahab has readers from all corners of the globe, who are engaging, talented and generally pretty awesome. If you'd like to read more about becoming a sponsor please see our Sponsor Page.

Thanks for reading. Fran xx

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