Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Alas, no Tutorial this Tuesday

Hello. First of all, no Tutorial Tuesday today... :( sad times... but things are way too crazy around here at the moment. We have BESTIVAL this weekend and I have one day to make a kingfisher costume.. more on that tomorrow.
It's also a good friend of mine's birthday today, so as soon as I'm done here I'm slapping on a bit of (metaphorical) lippy and heading down to see a few American bands that he has organised for the evening (just because he can). If you follow me on instagram (teahab) you will know that I was at the Moseley Folk Festival last weekend. It's absolutely my favourite weekend of the year. The festival takes place in a secluded park 2 minutes from my house. Nathans parents come up from Kent to stay with us, and we eat lots of lovely things and drink cider and red wine all weekend. Oh and it's always sunny! Absolute bliss. Here are a few snaps I took (very condensed)


  1. I'm also heading to Bestival... So excited I've hardly got any work done this week! Kingfisher costume, that sounds amazing... I'm not as organised. I have face paints and will try and wing it on Sunday morning! x

    1. hey Lucy! At this rate I'll be right there with you... wielding bin bags and cardboard!
      Look out for me. I'll be the one looking slightly ruffled dancing like a lunatic to Stevie Wonder! I cannot contain my excitement!


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