Friday, 31 August 2012

Two Minute Tutorial

Good Afternoon. It's been all go here lately. It's the last week in the bead shop :( so we're getting everything ready for the new owners, we've arranged a workshop space for Checkmybox courtesy of our amazing friend Sam of Get a Grip, I've been making progress with the CMB website, and it's that time of year for the Moseley Folk Festival again! With all this in mind I've put together a very quick two minute tutorial for a festival bracelet. Hannah came up with the genius idea to put the crimp covers onto the faux suede, and after she left a sample lying around in the shop I've taken her idea on and run with it! (Thanks Han!)

Also just a quick little reminder. It's the last day to vote for us in the Cosmo Blog Awards. If you like what we do it would be fantastic if you could take two minutes to help the cause. We were so chuffed to be shortlisted, and to win would be out of this world, but most of all we just want to go to the party! You can vote for us by clicking the Cosmo Blog Awards link above. We're in the DIY section under Teahab (obvs).

Thanks to everyone who has voted. We really do appreciate all your support! Back to the tutorial:


Cut a piece of faux suede long enough to wrap around your wrist as many times as you want it to / Attach crimp covers at random interval along the cord.


I've used an All in 1 cord end to make the bracelet even quicker. Close the box/cord ends over the ends of your suede. To see this in more detail go to my attaching clasps tutorials here. Make in different colours and layer up for a great festival look.
And that's it! yep, really is two minute tutorial. Fran x


  1. I love this idea, it's really cute and I may have to try it myself soon! I didn't realise you could get all in one cord ends, would have made so many things I've made so much simpler! Will have to keep an eye out (: xx


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