About Me

Hi, I'm Francesca

I manage the Birmingham Bead Shop in the Custard Factory in, you guessed it, Birmingham (UK). I while away the hours experimenting and making jewellery, "researching" in magazines, and searching the internet for inspiration.

My favourite part of Teahab are the tutorials. It's amazing how impossible something can seem until someone shows you how to do it.

I hope you enjoy reading Teahab, and please see my contacts page for information on how to get in touch.


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  1. fran! its grace nathan's lil sis. i think your blog is incredible and beautiful and inspiring and i cant believe i haven't seen it before!! I hope you will be around when i come up on the 13th. Im trying to get some ideas together for a hip hop knit night at the shop on tuesdays i have a few but you may be able to help! i hope you are really well and that brother of mine too. see you soon! i love the geometric cube necklace. yum. xxx


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