Sunday, 2 December 2012

December Dream Theme...

Christmas is the season to be jolly, and adorn yourself with some serious sparkly stuff. Neither me or Hannah are particularly erm... lets say "girly" in our style choices, and we usually go for the more understated jewellery choices, so to us choosing embellish for the theme seemed a little out of our range. (Cue horrific memories of the day I spent attempting to create a statement necklace for our shrink plastic theme!) But then we reconsidered. Who says embellish has to mean big and sparkly? To be honest a lot of our tutorials include embellishment. When we hear the word we just assume it has to include rhinestones and sequins. (nothing wrong with that, but it is difficult to get right!) So we plan to explore a different kind of embellishment. An easy going, relaxed, more subtle embellishment. The type of jewellery you can wear to the office Christmas party, and then continue to wear well into the new year as well.

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  1. Found you through pinterest. Love your blog and your diy craft inspiration!


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