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Friday 19 October 2012

Two Minute Teahab

Here we are at the end of another hectic week and it seems like the times flying by at the moment. We're starting to get very excitable around these parts though as Fran and I will be jetting off to Florida next week for The Fest and (hopefully) some sun!  This also means it's been a mad rush these last couple of weeks, making sure we're ahead of the game before we go away.  But after working our way through multiple to do lists (and a couple of mini breakdowns) we're beginning to allow ourselves to get excited now!
Today I've prepared a mini ring tutorial for two minute teahab.  As you might have noticed from my last tutorial stacked up rings are my current obsession.  I'm a big fan of end of finger rings and have noticed a lot of cool over the nail ones around recently too.  When it comes to bracelets and rings my attitude is the more the merrier!  The ring I'm making today can be worn over the nail or top of the finger.  I wanted to add some subtle pattern and colour to it so after a bit of experimentation I've come up with a new way to manipulate the shrink plastic with scoring and ink which leaves a nice effect.

What you will need:
Opaque shrink plastic/scalpel/drawing ink/ring mandrel

Cut your shrink plastic to the required size (mines about 10cm in length) with a diamond shape in the middle.  To manipulate the plastic score your pattern into the surface with a scalpel.  Brush over the ink, mopping up the excess so it's mostly just settled in the scored pattern.  When your happy with it cook the plastic according to instructions.  When it's ready mould the ring around your ring mandrel or similar curved object before it starts to harden, paying extra attention to the open diamond shape as it can be tricky to keep it straight.

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