Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tutorial Tue(Wednes)day (Yet again)

We seem to be getting in the habit of being a day late on these over here with our ever increasing workloads...I can only hope it will be worth the days wait!  So without further a do we've put together a punched leaf earring tutorial to continue our month of shrinky dink fun.  As we are starting to creep into Autumn (or fall for our friends in the US) I thought I'd go seasonal but with a bit of a graphic twist.

What you will need:
3 types of shrink plastic/2 fish hooks/3 5mm jump rings/3 lengths of chain (approx 6/3.5/2.5cm)/scissors/hole punch/flat nose pliers/sand paper/pencil crayons or permanent markers

Cut your shrink plastic into 6 leaf shapes graduating in size, I did mine free hand but you can use a template if you prefer.  I cut them at approximately 11x5cm/8x4cm/7x3cm.  You don't need to sandpaper your shrink plastic if you're just using permanent markers but you will need to use it if you're using pencil crayons.  Sand in a cross hatch effect, using a coarser sandpaper for harder leads. Decide on your design and draw straight on to the plastic, I've decided to go for a slightly geometric leaf design. I've used the smallest hole punch setting for a subtle effect and tried to go with the flow of the shape and design of the leaf, but you can go larger if you'd like the holes to be more prominent.  Once your satisfied with your design set your punch to largest and punch a hole in the top of each leaf.  Now you're ready to shrink!  Cook according to the instructions on the pack or for further tips check out our shrink plastic beginner techniques.  Using your flat nose pliers open your jump rings to attach your leaves to the lengths of chain and adjust until you're satisfied with the arrangement.  Then using the same technique open the top chain link to attach each length to your fish hooks and repeat the process for your second earring.

And that's it!  Ready to wear (and with very sore hands if your hole punch requires as much strength as ours!)


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