Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

It's the last tutorial Tuesday of shrink plastic month and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed putting the old shrinky dink through its paces.  I'm definitely going to keep experimenting further, I think they're are still avenues we haven't explored with this versatile material yet!  For today though as it's the last one I've decided to do something fun and possibly (definitely) my best work to date...everyone likes dinosaurs right?!

You will need:
2 sections of shrink plastic (appox 8x5cm)/scalpel/spray paint/stud bases and backs/approx 30cm fine chain/super glue or all purpose adhesive

Decide on your favourite dinosaur...tough I know.  I'm going with the humble long necked herbivore, the diplodocus.  Draw whatever prehistoric beast takes your fancy onto your shrink plastic freehand or find an image or template to draw around.  Cut out with your scalpel and shrink in the oven.  Once cooled spray with spray paint of your choice and leave to dry.  Glue on the stud backs and once they're dried thread the chain on to the studs and attach the backs...and your done!

We really hope you've enjoyed shrink plastic month as much as we have.  If you've made anything from the tutorials or any other delights you'd like to share we'd love to see them!

We're currently sunning ourselves on the other side of the pond and dreaming up lots of ideas for next months theme.  Keep your eyes's gonna be a good one!


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