Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Guest Post

Hello. We've got a real treat for you today. Our friend Meghan from over at The Flight of Fancy has put together a fantastic DIY guest post for Teahab. You need to go and check out Meghans blog for her gorgeous, effortless style, the dreamy photography, and some killer DIYs!

Here it is:

The statement neck-wear trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere, and really, why would we want it to? There's no end to how many awesomely DIY'ed pieces you can add to your own neck party! After re-discovering little mirrors at the craft store, I wanted to make an eye-catching (and reflecting) piece of jewelry with them.

piece of vinyl or faux leather
small decorative mirrors {find at}
super glue
necklace length of  jewelry chain (or twine)
jump rings, clasp, etc

Step One:
I created the necklace template by tracing around one of the mirror shapes, enlarging it somewhat. After cutting out that oval, I used it to trace the pattern for the necklace, curving it slightly upward at the edges.

Step Two:
Using the paper template you just made, trace the collar shape onto your piece of material and carefully cut out. Play with the placement of the mirrors a bit, before we get serious. Remember you'll need to leave space long the outer edge of each end for stringing.

Step Three:
Use a few dabs of glue to attach to craft mirrors to the vinyl shape.

Step Four:
Holding your collar up to your throat with your fingertips should help you determine how it will hang when you attach the necklace chain. I used a craft punch to poke a hole on each side of the collar, slightly below the top center. I put a tiny drop of instant super glue on the back of each hole, to help reinforce it. Allow glue to dry completely.

Step Five:
Decide how long or short you'd like your necklace to be, and cut a length of chain to match. I wanted the little heart clasp to show, so I attached one end of the chain to the collar using round nose pliers and a jump ring, and attached the clasp to to the other end. A jump ring or two in the other side of the collar will give the clasp something to hold on to. You can also cut two smaller pieces of chain and make a regular style necklace with the clasp at the back of the neck.

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