Saturday, 28 July 2012

Two Minute Teahab

Hello everyone. Last night was the Olympic opening ceremony, which had me and Hannah glued to the screen with an odd mix of pride, confusion and that lovely, typically British trait that lets us laugh at our own eccentricities. Up until now I've not thought too much about the games but now I'm hooked! The top left picture is of Olympic bunting in Birmingham city centre as the sun goes down.
The next picture is of presents! We've spent all morning wrapping these for our 'lucky dip' giveaway that starts on Monday. Everyone who comes down to The Birmingham Bead Shop and makes a purchase gets to pick themselves out a present as well. We're going to have loads of offers over the next month to celebrate our 3rd Birthday so if your in Birmingham drop into the shop and see what's going on.
We've also given you guys a little teaser as we get ready for next weeks theme with the other two photos. All will be revealled tomorrow! Can you guess what it is yet? Fran xx


  1. LOVE the bunting photo!
    We were watching the opening ceremonies last night, too, London must be insane right now
    And as an American, just let me say I laughed when David Cameron called out Utah for being so dumpy hahaaa

    1. Did he really?!! bahahaha, I missed that bit. I'll have to rewatch.


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