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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

1. Cut lengths of 30cm colourful cotton threads, as many as you like.
2. Glue one end of each of the threads to make it easier to thread the crimps and beads.
3. Use crimping pliers or flat pliers to squash the crimps onto the cotton.
4. When using the crimping pliers squash with the ridged section first, then fold over with the oval section.
5. Leave at least 8 cm from the end of the cord to the first crimp.
6. Put your beads in between the crimps, 1 for dot, 2 for dash
7. Make sure you leave another 8 cm at the other end of the cotton thread.
8. Build up the strands with different placements or by just using crimps.
9. When you've finished all the strands, thread through a bead with a large hole and knot or crimp to secure in place.
10. Take another 30 cm strip and knot over both ends.
11. Continue to knot both cords, keeping the knots to one side.
12. Cut the cord short and use a thin object to tuck the end of the cotton underneath the other knots.

1 comment:

  1. Love this tutorial as the message is coded! I made a morse code necklace for my friend with wire coils and beads.


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