Friday, 6 April 2012

Freebie Fridays

Everyone loves getting something for free right? So I'm dedicating my Friday posts to finding the best free patterns out there, then making them. I'll be on hand to guide you through any tricky bits, and give you my advise/thoughts on how to successfully complete the project.
The first Project comes from a real favourite in the sewing community. Colette make retro patterns that are given a contemporary twist for the 21st century. The Coletterie blog is a constant source of helpful advise, tips and tricks, and great freebies such as this free Sorbetto pattern

Sarai Mitnick

This is a great top to make with a range of fabrics, but just to make life a lot harder for myself I've chosen to make my top out of chiffon.

Because I am tall, and my body is long I have extended the pattern 2cm at the bottom so it doesn't turn out as a crop top... that's not the desired look and I doubt anyone wants to see my belly! Then I pin together the front and back pattern pieces and "try it on" to make sure the darts, arm holes etc are all still in place.

The instructions that come with the pattern are comprehensive and easy to understand allowing me to methodically work through the pattern without having to think too much. Perfect for a bit of late night sewing after work!

(sorry, yes it does need a bit of an iron!!)
Making bias tape with this fabric was the most difficult (and tedious) aspect of this project. You don't want the iron too hot, but a low heat will practically do nothing to the fabric. Always test the heat of your iron on a scrap piece of fabric, even if your only turning the heat up slightly. Always better to be safe than burn a whole in something you've been working on for hours!!

I will definitely be making this again. I really want to layer underneath the top with a slightly longer section to keep that nice floaty feel to the fabric, but make it a little less see through! Has anyone else made this top yet?

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