Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Here Comes the Spring

More Making.

The whole point of teahab is to be making useful, beautiful and contemporary clothes, accessories and furnishings that give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Although I've really enjoyed the design aspect of building up teahab online, I've been so busy with building websites and creating my blog that I have hardly had time to make anything!

At the same time I've neglected to make time to look after myself. After seeing the photos of the workshops on Sunday I could see that I'm looking a little worse for wear. So I've decided to combine the two things, and make myself a much needed wardrobe update for spring, and while I'm at it remember to spend a little time on myself.

Let me explain these a little bit:
  1. I've been annoying just about everyone I know with talk about "my bike", the one I have not purchased yet, but am in love with. I've saved up and I have planned my route to work, but I haven't purchased it yet because I'm scared. I used to ride my bike everyday, but that was a long time ago, and now I'm worried about the roads and falling off! I know this is very silly so I'm going to bite the bullet and do it... in the next few days...                       Isn't she a beaut!
  2. I'm in hair limbo at the moment. It doesn't look great, but I can live with it so I'm reluctant to do something new. I used to be very outgoing with my hair always knowing that it will grow out, and generally I was happy with it. It's only recently I've become a bit precious about it.. I want to go back to the experiments and to the new.
  3. I want to make at least 1 thing a week, but I'll start myself off slowly. I'm not giving away too much on this resolution yet. You'll have to keep an eye on teahab for updates.

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